Hello there and welcome to Macaroni Stories by Thanucha. I have always known that my superpower is giving people the best advice from my own stupidity. My blog has everything from travel advice to lifestyle tips. Sometimes I even let my mind wonder off with a poem or two. Whatever, you’re into, you can find it here. I post every Thursday so make sure you stay tuned for more fab content. You can also submit your work via the contact page and it may even be featured in a post!

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When the lockdown restrictions were lifted, my family and I were at great difficulty when picking a place to visit for a day trip. You see, for the last 12 weeks we had been reminiscing our old trips and optimistically researching and planning new ones for the near future. We had so many places on … Continue reading DAY TRIPS AFTER LOCKDOWN

reminiscing düsseldorf

The current travel restrictions put in place due to the pandemic means that most of us have been stuck at home and can only flick through holiday albums and fantasise about about the trips we were due to take this year. For me, it’s Düsseldorf. The prominent German city which sits east of the Rhine … Continue reading reminiscing düsseldorf


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I have always LOVED reading. I can remember being about 8 years old and hooked on the Potter books before physically moving into the world of Robert Muchamore’s spy academy. Seriously, my childhood was either spent in Hogwarts or being a CHERUB – you could not get me out. As I moved into my teen … Continue reading The BEST CLASSICS YOU Have TO READ (or re-read) THIS SUMMER

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